Practical Ideas For Move In Cleaning To Make A Property Clean And Tidy

End of Tenancy Cleaning: A Complete Guide

When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about guaranteed deposit return and inventory check out. If you’re looking for some guidance on what it’s all about, and if you even need to do it, then you’ll love this infographic.

What is it?

End of tenancy cleaning refers to the specialist deep cleaning of your rented flat or house before the new tenants move in. It’s also called move out cleaning, tenancy cleaning and just deep cleaning.

Do I need it?

Essentially whether or not you will need to carry out end of tenancy cleaning will depend largely on your tenancy agreement. Most modern tenancy agreements state that you need to have your rented flat or house professionally cleaned before you move you. (Your agent or landlord will be able to help you with this if you are unsure)

What’s included?

Just getting a cleaning company to carry out a clean won’t cut it. It needs to be a professional deep clean that adheres to the inventory clerks strict cleaning checklists. Even if you haven’t got an inventory check in the landlord or agent may have their own cleaning lists.

How much does it cost?

We get asked this question a lot. It really varies depending on the size of the property and if you need carpets cleaning. Lots of companies offer cheap cleaning and you may end up paying more in the long run if it’s not done right first time around

Move-In/Move Out & Turnover Cleaning

Packing, moving, getting the utilities transferred, renovations, etc. The list can go on and on when you are moving. Cleaning is usually the last thing on anyone’s mind, whether you’re the homeowner, landlord, or tenant. However, when your home is cleaned before you settle in or after you leave, it makes the transition smoother

How Much Does Apartment & Move Out Cleaning Cost?

Apartment Cleaning Prices

The average cost for a small 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment cleaning is $75 for standard cleaning and $110 for a move out clean. For a large 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment cleaning, prices start at $135 for standard cleaning, and go up to $180 or more for a deep or move out clean. The average hourly rates for apartment cleaning are $50 per hour for routine cleaning with a typical range of $25 to $70 per hour.

Apartment Cleaning Prices List

Apartment cleaning prices also change based on one-time cleans like a vacant apartment or move-out cleaning. The two most intensive areas for cleaning in an apartment are the kitchen and bathrooms, and the time and effort to clean a bathroom is significantly more than it is to clean a bedroom or a living room, and you’ll see that reflected in our apartment cleaning pricing list.

Cleaning Service Add-Ons

Look for a cleaning service’s a-la-carte list of services to see what you can add to a regular clean. Expect to pay:

Indoor pets – $5

Doing the laundry – $10 to $50

Window cleaning – $50

Cleaning the insides of the windows – $10

Cleaning the fridge – $12

Cleaning the interior of the oven – $15

Cabinet organization – $50

partment Cleaning Rates Per Hour

In general, average hourly rates for apartment cleaning services are $30 to $50 per worker per hour, with many jobs totaling between $90 and $195. Prices depend on the number of rooms and bathrooms, and the extent of the cleaning needed. Some cleaning companies advertising a specific dollar amount for the first three hours and then a different rate for each subsequent hour.

Apartment Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

Most cleaning services will not quote you based on the square footage of your apartment because the number of bathrooms in your apartment impacts your cleaning cost the most.

Cost of an Apartment Standard Clean

The national average cost of a standard apartment cleaning is between $75 to $110 depending on the size of the apartment, the extent of cleanup, and how often. A standard clean is a perfect choice if you have been keeping your apartment pretty clean already and most cleaning services offer a discount for recurring jobs.

End of Tenancy, How Clean is Clean?

So, you’re ready to move on from the property you’re renting and there’s a lot to tick off the list before you leave. One of the key things you’ll need to sort out is cleaning your rental. To help you, here’s a guide to getting your place ready to handover to your Landlord or their agent.

Why take the time to clean the property?

There are a couple of reasons why it’s worth spending time on cleaning the place you’ve been renting:

Avoid disputes

The cleanliness of the property is one of the largest reasons behind tenancy disputes. According to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS), over half of the disputes it adjudicates concern cleaning. By ensuring the property is as clean as it was when you first moved in, you’re more likely to get all of your deposit back.

Get good references

You may need your landlord to provide references for when you move into your next property. If you’ve not cleaned it to an adequate standard before you move out, your Landlord may well include this information in their reference to your new Landlord.

What will your landlord or letting agent be looking for?

The expected level of cleanliness is generally open to interpretation. What could be considered spotless by one party may be very different to someone else’s opinion. This is possibly why so many disputes adjudicated by the TDS are about cleanliness levels.

Therefore, whether you opt to hire a professional cleaner to do the job or decide to do it yourself, it’s important to make sure you have your inventory with you so you can see what things looked like before your tenancy began. By keeping your inventory with you as you clean each room, you’ll be able to focus your attention on cleaning the skirting boards rather than trying to fix the scuff on the wall that was there when you moved in.

How clean does your rental property need to be when you move out?

The 26-year-old spent more than $350 getting the house professionally cleaned by a contractor recommended by the agent, and another $160 to steam clean the carpets. But after he dropped the keys back, he got an email from the agent, pointing out marks on the wall.

It ended up costing him another $250, and it left a sour taste in his mouth. “Everyone I talk to has the same experience. You move in with 20 rats and a family of cockroaches, there’s marks on the wall and the lights don’t work,” he says.

“On the way out, they look through every room and check the skirting boards. “It does feel very opportunistic and you’re in this terrible hostage situation with your bond.”

How clean you need to leave your rental property

The rules around rentals are different in each state, but they tend to be largely similar when it comes to cleaning standards.

“Landlords often get very heated when a property isn’t left in a pristine condition, but that’s simply not the test,” he says. What tenants do need to do is leave the property in a “reasonably clean” condition